Verbs: Perfect Progressive Tense

Jared Aragona

Verbs: Perfect progressive tense: Use the auxiliary verbs “to have” and “to be” + present participle to form the perfect progressive tense correctly.

Perfect Progressive tense shows action in progress up until a completed time in the past, present, or future.


Past Perfect Progressive:

 The pelicans had been flying back and forth all morning.

 I had been working at my desk all weekend long.


Present Perfect Progressive:

 Juanita has been eating a vegetarian diet since her senior year of high school.

 We have been getting our proofs ready for class.


Future Perfect Progressive:

 Martha’s Restaurant will have been serving customers for fifty years next June.

 They will have been going to the same school all the way until they graduate.


The MLCKRB (Master List Code Key and Rule Book): An English Grammar & Style Handbook by Jared Aragona, CC BY 4.0


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