Colon Use to Introduce a List, a Quote, or Examples after Independent Clauses

Jared Aragona

Colon use to introduce a list, a quote, or examples after independent clauses: Use a colon to introduce a list, a quote, or examples after an independent clause.  Do not use a colon if there is not an independent clause or after phrases like “such as” or “for example.”

A List:

Your data report needs the following components: an abstract; a hypothesis; a literature review; and a summary of findings and a conclusion.

An Appositive (a noun or noun phrase example that appears right next to the word it renames.)

Students who had a tendency to succeed time and again relied consistently on one unique quality: grit.

A Quotation:

Angela Duckworth summed up the qualities of student success: “Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”

The MLCKRB (Master List Code Key and Rule Book): An English Grammar & Style Handbook by Jared Aragona, CC BY 4.0


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