3 Textbook Dilemma

Learning Objectives

  • List ways faculty can help with the textbook dilemma, including adopting OER

What are OER?

OER are free textbooks that are in the public domain or Creative Commons licensed for free reuse, modification, and sharing.” OpenStax and Open Textbook Library are examples.


Textbooks & UTSA Students

Hear from our very own UTSA Roadrunners when asked about textbooks for UTSA Courses. See their excitement when they learn about OER and how it could benefit them!



Key Takeaways

Additional Resources

Colvard, N. B., Watson, C. E., & Park, H. (2018). The Impact of Open Educational Resources on Various Student Success Metrics. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 30(2), 15.

Hilton, J. (2016). Open educational resources and college textbook choices: A review of research on efficacy and perceptions. Educational Technology Research and Development, 64(4), 573–590.


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