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Learning Objectives

Grant Tiers

Grant Outcome Student Cost Licensing Requirement Individual Award Range Group Award Range
No Cost Adoption of a library e-book or other no cost learning materials No cost Open licensing not required. $500 $1,000-2,000
OER Adoption of existing open educational resources Free Creative Commons $1,000 $1,500-3,000
Design Modification, remixing, or authoring of original OER Free Creative Commons $3,500-5,000 $5,000-$10,000

*3 applicants required for group grants; we encourage department-wide applications for higher impact.

Deliverables: All Grants

All Adopt a Free Textbook Grant Recipients must deliver the following.  The next chapters provide a more detailed breakdown of deliverables by grant type.

  • Collaborate with a librarian to find free textbooks
  • Replace the primary textbook(s) with free textbook(s)
  • For No Cost and Adoption: teach with the free textbooks 4 semesters
  • Design author commitment is 6-12 months; teaching commitment is 2 semesters
  • For No Cost Grants: Mark course as Low Cost Textbook course in the UTSA course search
  • For OER Adoption and OER Design grants: Mark course as a Free Textbook course in the UTSA Course Search
  • Complete a Certification Course for OER Adoption (2 hours)
  • Serve as an OER advocate: share your experience with other faculty
  • Complete a final report that includes:
    • Student evaluations of the textbook
    • Anonymized final grades, including drop, fail, and withdraw rates
    • Final syllabus and future plans

For Design Grants Only:



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