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Learning Objectives

  • Understand options available to you when designing cover images in UTSA Pressbooks

Get Inspired

Read the Make a Book Cover chapter in the Guide to Using Pressbooks. This chapter highlights user-friendly tools, including the Pressbooks cover image generator. We do not recommend using Canva.

Cover Image Generator

Pressbooks has its own cover image generator that you can use to create cover images. Click this link for steps on using this tool.

Image Resolution

webbook is the default format for all books created on UTSA Pressbooks. Whichever tool you use to design your cover image, the final image must meet the 900×1200 minimum requirement for a webbook.

Why is this important? Depending on where and how you make your book available, cover image resolution expectations will change. Follow the guidelines for every platform to ensure that your image is sharp and beautiful everywhere.

More Options

While the above tools are easy to use, the end result might not align with your final vision for the project, or you may simply want to explore other paths. We’ve got you covered! Check out the resources below and then select the best fit for your project’s vision and timeline.

Adobe Express

Since UTSA is an Adobe Creative Campus, you have a book cover generator available to you in Adobe Creative Cloud. Click the video below for a quick how-to on using this fun tool.




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