7 OER Legislation and Reporting

Learning Objectives

  • Understand legislation and reporting requirements for OER and inclusive access

OER & Textbook Legislation

Many states, including Texas, have passed and are continuing to pass legislation around OER transparency for students. OER legislation helps students see, at the time of registration, which courses are using OER.


Key Takeaways

OER Reporting at UTSA

Are you aware that if you use OER, the Texas Education Code mandates that you report your OER usage in order to support transparency for UTSA student Roadrunners? Learn how to report OER and other Low Cost textbooks.

OER Reduce Costs & Remove Barriers

OER are free textbooks that are in the public domain or Creative Commons licensed for free reuse, modification, and sharing.” OpenStax and Open Textbook Library are examples. OER better support UTSA students because they are: free, available on Class Day One, and continuously accessible.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways


Please report your affordable textbooks for your class now. If total learning materials cost for the course is $0 and you are using primarily Creative Commons licensed learning materials, use the Free Textbooks reporting form.  If total learning materials cost is $40 or less and you are using a variety of learning materials, use the Low Cost Textbooks reporting form.

Please report in advance of every semester that you are teaching with OER, following the timeline below.

Fall Registration: April 1st

Spring Registration: October 1st

Summer Registration: March 1st


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