28 About UTSA Pressbooks

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the purpose of UTSA Pressbooks
  • Understand the types of materials you can create on UTSA Pressbooks
  • Understand how to access UTSA Pressbooks


UTSA Pressbooks is one component of the UTSA Press, a suite of creative publishing support tools to support the UTSA community.  UTSA Press is the umbrella press for UTSA Pressbooks, Runner Research, Creative Services (Digital Humanities), and Data Management support. U


UTSA Pressbooks is dedicated to providing support for UTSA faculty that are interested in creating open educational resources, which must be Creative Commons licensed, for UTSA courses and other projects.


All UTSA affiliates have access to UTSA Pressbooks, including faculty, staff and students.  UTSA affiliates can access UTSA Pressbooks by:

  1. Visiting UTSA Pressbooks.
  2. Clicking UTSA Login.
  3. Entering abc123 and passphrase.


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