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A geyser erupting

“Geysers and grizzlies and glaciers, oh my!”

The national parks may be America’s best idea, saving the finest parts of the nation for everyone to enjoy forever. What better way to learn about the natural world than to tour the parks? We’ll explore how the mountains and valleys formed and why they often come with volcanoes and earthquakes. You’ll see what really killed the dinosaurs and how we can help save their modern relatives in the parks. Isn’t it time for a road trip?


As you move through this book, Units and Chapters will be set up in a way that can be followed throughout. Read through the following boxes to see what each color means and to learn how each unit or chapter can be navigated.

Learning Objectives

At the beginning of each Unit you will find the learning objectives in a bright blue box like one of these.

  • Bullet points will highlight important information for each chapter within the unit.

Key Takeaways

At the end of each Chapter you will find the key takeaways for the chapter in a bright orange box like one of these.

  • Bullet points will highlight the key takeaways from the chapter.
  • These will outline the important topics that you read to help you prepare for your coursework.
You will find Optional Enrichment Articles and Additional Sidebar Information in these shaded textboxes.

As you read through the book, come back to this page if you have any questions or are curious how to navigate through the reading.


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